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Don’t forget tha in this problem M is the mass of the yo-yo, i.e., the combined mass of the two disks. Problem 4 A bead of mass m is constrained to move without friction on a hoop of radius R. The hoop rotates with constant angular velocity ω about a vertical axis which coincides with a diameter of the hoop, see figure below

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10. A particle of mass 2kg slides from rest down a plane inclined at an angle of 30 above the horizontal. If the friction against its motion is 6N, find its velocity after moving 5m down the plane. 11. A particle of mass 2kg slides from rest at the top of a rough inclined plane whose inclination to the

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A horizontal force of `5N` acts on a body of mass `2kg` initally at rest. It starts moving on a table having coefficient of friction `=0.2` Calculate (i) work doen by the applied force in `5s` <br> (ii) work done by force of friction in `5s` <br> (iii) work done by net force is `5s` <br> (iv) change in `K.E.` of the body in `5s`.

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The radius of its wheel is 0.3 meters. The linear speed of the car at the end of 5 seconds would be (A) 23 (B) (D) 7m/s (E) 2m/s A mass m is suspended by a light string from the ceiling of a moving car of mass M which is accelerating in the horizontal direction. The string makes an angle 9 with the vertical as shown below.

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Consider a uniform disk with a mass 2.5 kg and radius 0.20 m mounted on a x ed horizontal axis. A block with a mass of 1.2 kg hangs from a light cord that is wrapped around the rim of the disk. Find the acceleration of the falling block, the angular acceleration of the disk, and the tension in the cord. 12

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Tangential velocity: v =w*r= 2rad/s(1m)= 2 m^2/s Centripetal acceleration: a(c)= v^2/r= 4 m^2*m/ms^ 2=4m^2/s^2 Centripetal force =m*a(c)= 5kg*4m^2s^2=20 N

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Apr 25, 2016 · The base B has a mass of 5 kg and a radius of gyration of 80 mm about the central vertical axis shown. Each plate P has a mass of 3 kg. If the system is freely rotating about the vertical axis with an angular speed N 1 = 10 rev/min. with the plates in the vertical position, estimate the angular speed N 2 when the plates have moved to the horizontal positions indicated.

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A 2.00 kg mass is tied to the string and whirled in a vertical circle with a radius of 1.10 m. Find the maximum speed the mass can be whirled without breaking the string. The greatest tension will occur at the bottom of the circle: T-Fg. Fc = T + (– Fg) = T – Fg. Find v when T = 135 N (2 kg)(v)2 = 135 N – (2 kg)(9.81 m/s2) 1.10 m. v = 7 ...

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A body of mass 0.4 kg is whirled in a horizontal circle of radius 2 m with a constant speed of 10 ms . Calculate its (i) angular speed (ii) frequency of revolution (iii) time period and (iv) centripetal acceleration. A circular wheel of 0.50 m radius is moving with a speed of10 ms. Find the angular speed.

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A 70 kg human moving at an average walking speed of 1.4 m/s (5.0 km/h; 3.1 mph) would have a momentum of about 15 . A baseball, which has mass = 0.145 kg, travelling at 45 m/s (160 km/h; 100 mph) would have a Planck momentum. Planck density

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3) If a stone is spun with a speed of 2.5m/s in a circle of radius 0.5m, what is its centripetal acceleration? If the stone's mass is 2kg, what force is being exerted on it and in what direction? Answer: Using the formula for centripetal acceleration, and the centripetal force will be , pointed toward the center of the circle.
Keynote update3-20030829_1 2006-05-20 11:07:20 -0400 dictionary 644 56 dictionary 0 0 508 328 dictionary 0 0 508 328 root Region 1 Region 2 2001 17 55 2002 26 43 2003 53 70 2004 96 58 0 0 0 g0.666667 0 0 0 g0 0 0 0 g0.666667 0 0 0 g0 g1 0.18429 0.225121 0.275401 0.85 g1 0.18429 0.225121 0.275401 0.85 g1 0.18429 0.225121 0.275401 0.85 g1 0.18429 0.225121 0.275401 0.85 g1 0.18429 0.225121 0 ...
Aug 27, 2019 · an object of mass 10 kg is whirled round a horizontal circle of radius 4m by a revolving string inclined to the vertical . if the uniform speed is 5 m/s. calculate the tension in the string. 2.the angle of inclination of the . Physics. A round body of mass M, radius R, and moment of inertia I= BMR^2 is rolling without slipping.
being vertical. Rigid Body Kinetics Homework Problems ME 274 Problem V-14 A thin homogeneous bar OA having a length of L and mass m is pinned to ground at O. A second thin homogeneous bar AB (having a length of 2L and mass 2m) is pinned to bar OA at A, and end B of the bar is constrained to move within a smooth, horizontal track.
Example 1: A ball is spinning in a vertical circle at the end of a string that is 2.0m long.If the ball has a mass of 3.5kg and moves at a constant speed of 8.0m/s… a) determine the tension in the string when the stopper is at the bottom of the circle.

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Aug 26, 2014 · Theory Figure 7.1: One point mass m on a weightless rod of radius r (I = mr2). Figure 7.2: Two point masses on a weightless rod (I = m1r2 1+m2r. 2 2). To illustrate, we will calculate the moment of inertia for a mass of 2 kg at the end of a massless rod that is 2 m in length (Fig. 7.1 above): I = mr2=(2kg)(2m)2=8kgm2.
11. An arrow of mass 2 kg moves at a velocity of 20 m/s to the right. It strikes a wheel which is initially at rest and whose moment of inertia is 80 kg.m/s and radius 0.8 m at a point along its edge and perpendicular to the radius. The arrow becomes imbedded in the wheel.