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Anon asked: "Bts reaction to u being needy". Author's note: Gifs aren't mine. x. Seokjin: Hi, could I request cooking dinner with Wooyoung from Ateez? Something super cute and fluffy if you don't mind thank you.

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ATEEZ Reaction to you calling them just to tell them “I love you” ... he’ll hug you so tight you’ll get a momentary knockout; ... you being cuddly/scared ...

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Some of them are of course but the number of them is really overstated as most of them didn't even move on from BAP and hoped for them to get back together and many others would ATEEZ had pre-debut shows and performance videos. They did dances to popular songs like Cardi B, Famous Dex etc.

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More ideas for you Tight Dresses Club Dresses Sexy Dresses Bandage Dresses Mini Dresses Cheap Dresses Mode Outfits Sexy Outfits Fashion Outfits Our Rum is in the first stages of production.

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“imagine me and you, I do, I think about you day and night, it’s only right to think about the girl you love and hold her tight, so happy together” A voice sang softly almost in a hypnotic matter that lulls Y/n into looking for the source of the unknown singer. It appeared she was in a forest that had winding pathways however she had a ...

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This blog is in no way affiliated with ATEEZ/KQ Entertainment and is strictly only fanbased. All content on this blog, unless stated otherwise, belongs All fantaken content shall not be used for commercial purposes. This blog is a fan-made effort. If you see anything that belongs to you on this blog and you...

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“Since you replied so nicely, let me tell you what you missed last night.” The officer sighs, stroking your hair gently. You’re so used to the same action being done to you by San and Wooyoung, but this man’s touch feels corrosive against you and you try your best to flinch away from him. “Stay still.”

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hi honey, im dumb as hell and this is my reaction request lol since im dumb (and naive) as hell, how they would react when they found out that you like them (and you think they like you back too lmao) bc they were so kind but in reality they were just being nice and weren't interested in you lol :'))

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Am I tight like a little girl?? Like a tiny little virgin who's never seen a big huge elephant dick like yours??? Brilliant, really. Insist that the very reasonable reaction I'm having to whatever bullshit you just pulled invalidates my otherwise consummate chillness.

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ATEEZ is an eight-member kpop boy group that debuted in October 2018 with "Pirate King." Their members are Kim Hongjoong--leader, shortest, dancer, rapper, producer, composer (he can sing too), Park Seonghwa--oldest, visual (although basically all of them are visuals so) vocalist, dancer...
⊰ shares his lyrics with you ⊰ likes writing songs with you ⊰ loves it when you talk about. the things you like ⊰ hugs you a lot ⊰ constantly offers to help you ⊰ gives you little kisses on your cheek ⊰ teaches you all the choreography. to his favourite songs so you can. dance together ⊰ let's you rant to him ⊰ acts very mature
You were laying on the bed. Seonghwa was leaving sweet kisses all over your abdomen. Those kisses made you feel so delightful but somewhere your insecurities we're taking over your mind. He said to you that, " I love your body more than anything and if you don't want to show it now, then it's ok.
Thank you so much!! You’re wonderful! And thank you for your request. <3 Yongguk: This won’t sit well with him. The pit of his stomach churns and every muscle in his body tenses with a mixture of jealousy and the primal need to ‘protect’ his woman. Still, he won’t act on it. Instead, he will remain silent and rigid, doing his best not to glare holes through the other man. There will ...

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This is "DotA 2 - 1v1 Arteezy vs EternaLEnVy" by someguy fortytwo on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.
Question! Again. I have two options for you. The first one is that I write Part2 of DESIRE. The second option is a Mafia/Yandere Reaction for Ateez..maybe a ,,When someone is disrespecting you” or ,,Then you are getting hurt” You didn’t noticed for a while how everything stood still, too still to be exact. The stillness that comes with complete and utter chaos, and that was not what you wanted. Right now you wanted Mingi, and only Mingi, to burst through that door and hold you so tight that you could barley breath.